XenoGesis and BioAscent Discovery Limited have announced a collaboration to offer an enhanced range of integrated drug discovery services, including medicinal chemistry, biology and DMPK. Clients from across the globe will be able to access highly experienced teams specialising in these core drug discovery disciplines.

Both companies have outstanding drug discovery and development credentials. Together they are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for clients and a more personalised service which ranges from target evaluation through to candidate nomination and predicted clinical pharmacokinetics and dose.

XenoGesis is a fast-growing provider of DMPK services, quantitative bioanalysis, in vitro pharmacology and modelling and simulation for human PK and dose prediction and the core team has a proven track record of delivery in drug discovery. BioAscent’s integrated drug discovery services are delivered by a team of expert biologists, medicinal chemists and compound management scientists co-located in state-of-the-art biology and chemistry laboratories.

Commenting, Richard Weaver, Managing Director of XenoGesis, said: “Our two businesses are closely aligned and offer great synergies for our clients, to provide a quick and effective route to drug discovery. There are very few organisations that genuinely can provide leading chemistry, biology and DMPK expertise collectively, with a track record of producing a series of viable candidates. Together we will provide a seamless relationship that allows for iterative drug design programmes, whilst reducing costs, improving timelines and increasing success rates for our clients.”

CEO of BioAscent, Paul Smith, added: “BioAscent has recently launched its integrated drug discovery services with a truly exceptional team of medicinal chemists and biologists, building on our established capabilities in compound management and our in-house Compound Cloud library. This strategic alliance with XenoGesis means we can also offer specialist DMPK capabilities and assay evaluation to identify – at the earliest possible stage in the drug discovery process – those compounds that a client can take forward. Together we seek to not just provide our clients with data, but also iterative feedback and advice, right from the start.”

Xenogesis and BioAscent have both received investment from BioCity Group and are based at BioCity Group sites in Nottingham and Glasgow.


For more information, contact:
Sue Carr, Marketing & PR Manager, on 07809 727533 or sue.carr@xenogesis.com


About XenoGesis Ltd

XenoGesis Ltd. specialises in preclinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), quantitative bioanalysis, in vitro pharmacology and modelling & simulation for human PK and dose prediction. The core XenoGesis team has a proven track record of delivery in drug discovery. Through a consultative approach, the XenoGesis team helps to identify the potential ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in a selection of compounds synthesised in drug discovery campaigns, providing significant time and cost savings for R&D companies. Moreover, providing iterative feedback to the research team based on the results and recommending next steps is a key focus for XenoGesis. The organisation combines its state-of-the-art in vitro, in vivo and bioanalytical capabilities with its expert pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) data interpretation services with GastroPlus™. Their laboratory tests build a full picture of the ADME properties of a molecule including required human drug exposure, backed-up with advice on how to modify the chemical structure of a compound to make it more ‘drug-like’. This unique offering is what make the XenoGesis service attractive to global drug companies.

XenoGesis is a laboratory-based contract research organisation (CRO) based at BioCity in Nottingham and its Founder and Managing Director is Dr Richard Weaver FRSC.

For more information, visit www.xenogesis.com and follow on Twitter @XenoGesis


About BioAscent Discovery Ltd

Founded in 2013, BioAscent is a leading provider of integrated drug discovery services based at the former Organon / Merck Sharpe and Dohme (MSD) R&D site in Newhouse, Scotland. Our drug discovery services include de novo assay development, target analysis and bespoke screening strategies, compound screening, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry and data management. Our team of expert scientists has experience of successfully working from assay development through to preclinical and clinical candidates across all biological target classes and major therapeutic indications. As part of its compound management service, BioAscent currently holds and manages over 1 million compounds for our customers, in both liquid and solid formats. Through the Compound Cloud service, the company provides rapid access to an IP-free library of ~125,000 lead like compounds in screening-ready format.  Since 2013, the BioAscent team has been responsible for:

  •     >100 biochemical and biophysical assays for drug discovery projects
  •     >50 hit validation/characterisation projects
  •     >30 hit-to-lead campaigns
  •     >80,000 screening plates delivered to our global customers/partners