Secure compound aggregation & storage – and rapid delivery in screening-ready format, to your in-house labs & CRO partners.

Our compound management services allow our customers to both save costs and accelerate their drug discovery.  Operating since 2005, our €20 million facility stores and manages customer libraries ranging in size from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand compounds in both liquid and solid formats.  We constantly receive and aggregate new compounds from our customers and their chemistry CRO partners, and ship in the assay-ready format of choice to their screening laboratories.  BioAscent can support some or all of your key compound management activities including aggregation, storage, weighing, dissolution, plating, LC-MS analysis and distribution. We provide both standalone activities on a fee-for service basis, as well as fully integrated compound management services. Our transparent activity pricing makes it easy to calculate cost savings.




Our Customers

We have over 70 customers, ranging from big pharma to virtual biotechs and charity and academic consortia, and we currently hold and manage over 1 million compounds for them.  Our expertise in cherry picking, reformatting, shipping and data management have allowed us to deliver over 80,000 screening plates globally to our customers and their partner testing laboratories since 2013.  Our customers include Medivir, Merz, Pierre Fabre, Pivot Park Screening Centre and many others.  Via the European Lead Factory we also provide compound management for collections from Bayer, Janssen, Lundbeck, Merck KgaA, Sanofi & UCB.


The Team

The BioAscent compound management team is led by Dr Sylviane Boucharens.  A drug discovery and compound management expert with over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, Sylviane led the global compound repository team and the in vitro screening team at the Merck Sharpe & Dohme / Schering Plough / Organon site in Newhouse, Scotland at which BioAscent is now based.  Sylviane is supported by a team of experts in compound management, data management and logistics working in state-of-the-art facilities originally commissioned to manage Merck Sharpe and Dohme’s global collection.

compound management automation



We partner with you to manage some or all of your compound management, receipt, storage, formatting and distribution needs.  We support all stages of the drug discovery process from screening and hit identification through to lead optimization and candidate selection.  A dedicated account manager works with you and your R&D partners, receiving new compounds from your chemistry providers, and providing assay ready plates on demand, all on a transparent activity-price basis.  Our data management expertise allows our customers to search and order from their collections directly.

Our services include:

  • Aggregation, Inventory Consolidation & Management
  • Compound Procurement, via preferred partners
  • Storage of both solid & liquid samples, in multiple storage formats at different temperatures
  • Compound Weighing
  • Compound Dissolution
  • Automated Reformatting & Plating within controlled, low humidity environment (96, 384 & 1536-well plates)
  • Acoustic Dispensing
  • Automated Tube Picking (96 & 384-well tubes) within controlled -20°C environment
  • Quality Control (LC-MS Analysis)
  • Compound Shipping & Logistics to in-house & partner testing laboratories
  • Online Inventory & Ordering
  • Fully auditable order fulfilment via Titian Software’s Mosaic, including connectivity with your existing informatics systems
  • Compound Collection Backup & Disaster Recovery


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