BioAscent are attending the 2018 SLAS Europe Compound Management Conference in Berlin, Germany on 8-9 March.


Our Chief Operating Officer Sylviane Boucharens will be presenting “Using a Compound Management CRO to Join up your R&D Network“:

Compound collections, no matter the size, are a valuable and fundamental asset of any R&D-based company, large or small. Therefore, compound management (aggregation, storage, picking, shipping in assay-ready format) is a key component of the Drug Discovery Process. Large and medium Pharma companies have often benefited from large capital investments to build a “State of the Art” compound repository store.  However, this approach is costly, and this critical activity is often under-valued and under-resourced by small pharma, biotechs, CROs and academia which prefer to focus their resource in their core expertise. For these groups, working in partnership with a compound management supplier may be an attractive option. By selecting the right partner, they can have access to advanced compound management infrastructure without costly capital investment and maintenance. In addition to this economic advantage, working in partnership with CRO experts in compound management may help to improve R&D processes, quality and timeliness within your own company.

See Sylviane present on on Friday, March 9 during Session 3 – Working in partnership, from 9:00am – 11:10am.